My Story

The Grass Fed Roots blog for me is about spreading a message. A message that I feel is so desperately needed by our entire human race. All of the information I will be sharing with you is stuff that everyone of you, your friends, & families can benefit from.

This all started for me about a year and a half ago, for reasons I will cover later in my blog. I’ve completely changed my lifestyle (I hate calling it a diet) it really is a lifestyle. I was listening to a podcast one day and heard this guy talking about putting butter in his coffee & how working out more than 15 minutes a week isn’t really necessary for health. He went on about amazing energy levels & laser sharp mental focus from this coffee concoction. More importantly he had so much intriguing but yet startling information on health and wellness I couldn’t help but get sucked in. I had to give this coffee a try and I can honestly say it has changed my life.

The picture on the left was me on my wedding day, the best day of my life. I was a solid 220lbs & thought life couldn’t get much better.

Today I’m in the best shape of my adult life weighing 160lbs & never new it was possible to feel this good. It seems on a daily basis this lifestyle change gets brought up. People ask what I’m doing & the easiest way to explain it is Paleo. I’m sure almost all of you have heard by now of the Paleo or Primal diet. Well it’s basically that but really it’s much more than that. I didn’t start down this road necessarily to loose weight. Something clicked for me & I realized we are all just taking our chances. I know a lot of you are thinking it’s just another one of those fad diets. But friends I can assure you this one is here to stay.

We live in a time with unlimited access to information. I’ve immersed myself in all the latest in health, wellness, human longevity & optimization. I find myself thinking how is this stuff not common knowledge? How did we get so far from our roots? What if I told you you could prevent or even cure either in yourself friends & family all the aches & pains, headaches, depression, poor sleep or insomnia, anxiety, adhd, heart disease,multiple sclerosis, seriously I could go on & on & on. Just to name a few more parkinson’s, dementia, alzheimer’s, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, obsessive compulsive disorder, crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatiod arthritis, psoriasis, etc… Would you?

Crazy huh, that’s basically everything that ails us today. Everyone of you will have to make a decision. You can take your chances & continue eating the standard American diet & hope you won’t get sick. Which is probably what I’ d be doing had I never found that podcast. Trust me, when you learn the mechanisms responsible for these ailments & diseases it makes the decision pretty easy. Now I’m obviously not a Doctor or a nutritionist & don’t claim to be. But I don’t think I have to argue too much, pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about anything is available online. It’s just a matter of having the drive to navigate through all the garbage to get to the truth. I’ve been able to build a pretty good knowledge base & that’s what I want to share with you.